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About us

PRIVATE DOĞU ANADOLU HOSPITAL which was founded in year 2008 has begun its journey in health in order to provide health services that is respectful to human dignity, caring, feeling empathy and that is supported by high skills. Total closed area of our institution is 4317 m2 and the sitting area is 653 m2.

Our institution kept its targets high in the matter of health and it moved forward to these targets with a great determination and it focused on a new target after each target it reached. Together with its staff in the Eastern Anatolian region with the understanding of quality in health that develops every day, it became evident that world quality can be reached to the people of this country.


HIn our hospital which gives importance to the health of the patients as well as to their comfort, there are 34 single rooms, 4 emergency service, 2 operation room, 7 adult intensive care beds and 7 newborn intensive care incubators making a total of 48 beds. Besides this, in our hospital there are wide and comforted lobbies for our guests and a cafeteria where guests may maintain their food and beverage needs of all kinds. In the Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital, it is given service in the branches of Anesthesia and Reanimation, Dermatology, Children’s Health and Diseases, General Surgery, Eye Health annd Illnesses, Internal Diseases, Women’s Illnesses and Birth, Cardiology, Ear, Nose and Throat Illnesses, Neurology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Physical Treatment, Ureology, Microbiology and Radiology.

In the Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital, there is an operation hall equipped with positive pressure and HEpa filtered modern instruments and all kinds of operations in Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital are done professionally. In our general intensive care and newborn intensive care units, services are given with a superior approach. Besides this, together with our two birth halls ready for birth, we have a “”birth pain hall” which is designed for our patients who shall give birth.

In the emergency service of Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital;

Specialist doctors, nurses, other health personnel and fully equipped ambulances giving service 24 hours a day are always kept ready with an understanding of service which is conducted uninterruptedly with the understanding of a squad and which takes as a basis that they are reached in a short time.

Private Doğu Anadolu Hospital is continuously working in order to give a quality service. It is pioneering to the health sector with its professional staff by servicing the latest technology in the sector to the Eastern Anatolian region. Just as it is in the first day, we thank to our staff “who believes to our strength, who looks towards the future with the same targets as ours and who shares the same excitement” for their devoted works. .

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