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7 steps to save from snoring

In order to save from snoring which is seen in approximately 45% of adults and which brings many problems including sleep apnea if not treated, we learned what you may do from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Head and Neck Surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Tufan ÇETİNKAYA.

1. Change your sleeping position. When you lie on your back, your tongue makes pressure to the back wall of your throat and palate and makes a vibrating noise and this causes you to snore. For this reason, try to lie sideways as much as possible.

2. Protect your weight. Try not to exceed your ideal weight. Weight is one of the most important reasons of snoring. Overweight prevents your breathing by causing too much weight on your neck and causes snoring.

3. Stay away from alcohol. As alcohol affects the throat muscles negatively, it increases your snoring especially when it is taken a few hours before sleep.

4. Make your sleeping order. Bad sleeping habits trigger snoring.

6. Change your pillow. Allergans in your bed and pillow may contribute to your snoring. Dust acarus may accumulate in pillows and cause allergic reactions and snoring. Don’t let your pets sleep in your bed. Change your pillow in six months and your pillow case every week. Before buying pillows designed to prevent snoring, consult your doctor. While wrong choice of pillows decreases your snoring, it may cause head and neck pains.

7. Consume plenty of water. When you are left dry, as the secretions in your nose and soft palate decrease, the possibility of snoring increases. The research done has shown that men should consume 16 glasses of water and women 11 glasses of water everyday. If you still snore although you take these measures, have a detailed ENT examination and make your sleep test if your doctor requires.

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