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Appointment and Registry


In our hospital, polyclinical service is given between 08.00 -17.00 in the week and between 08.00 – 14.00 in the weekend (Saturday). Our polyclinics are at the entrance floor and 1st floor

In the polyclinics of our hospital, it is being given service with an appointment system. Making an appointment beforehand will provide you to receive a faster and more convenient service. Our patients have to register 30 minutes before the appointment hour by applying to the Patient Acceptance/Consulting lobby in case the opposite is not asked for. You may either make an appointment by phone or from the Consulting Unit in the entrance floor.

How can I get examined?

Our polyclinical registry units are opened at 08:00.
Our polyclinics doctor examinations begin at 08:30 and end at 17:00.
Our laboratory services continue 24 hours uninterrupted.
Radiological controls continue for 24 hours (Flat graphics)

When you come to our hospital,
You should definitely;
If you experienced a work accident or you shall be hospitalized, your visit paper should be with you.
Besides, it shall help your diagnosis and treatment to bring your previous control documments and the information about the drugs you use with you.
As most of the controls are done in hunger conditions, it shall gain you time to come to the hospital without eating or drinking anything.
It will increase the time given to you to prefer clothes which you can easily wear and take of before coming for the examination and to take out your protective dresses (coats, jackets etc.) before entering for the examination.


For examination or further controls, apply to the Polyclinics Patient Registry units (base floor and 1st floor). In the first registry, after your registry operation is done and the correctness of the registry information is controlled, provision query is made by connecting to the Information Processing Center of the institution you are related via internet. Your process shall be conducted according to the answer from here. If your examination request is accepted, you may get your send to the hospital by selecting the polyclinic and doctor you like. If you don’t know the place you shall be examined or in case you are stuck, the consultance unit and the welcoming secretary will help you. Related to the ones you have to do before coming for control to our hospital, the information we thought to be beneficial to you is presented below. In order to have correct and reliable results, you valuable patients have to obey these rules.

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