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Varicosis which is seen more frequently in women due to pregnancy, hormonal reasons, and heeled shoes also causes problems in men. Because of desktop jobs, weight increase and doing less exercises, varicosis is seen frequently in men too.
Op.Dr. Ali ATİLA – General Surgery Specialist, in the written explanation he made, he indicated that varicosis is seen more in the ones with a static life either a worker or a housewife and for this reason varicosis risk increases in women who do desktop jobs at office or who had to stay on legs during their job. Aksoy who told that teachers, shopkeepers and coiffeurs enter into the high risk professional group in this view expressed that working women consult the doctor a little earlier when compared with housewifes.  
Aksoy said that cosmetics problem is more important for working women and housewifes generally come with the complaint of ache and swelling and that they consult to the doctor in a more developed stage.  
Prof. Dr. Aksoy who gave information related to the reasons of increase of varicosis in men stated that men also experience the problem of varicosis more frequently as sports and walking is done less by them.  
Aksoy who indicated that new working environments started to form a life style far from motion said that men also use less physical power in their professional life, they work by sitting or motioness in office environments and as they don’t move they both put on weight and their leg muscles get weaker and therefore varicosis risk increases in them.  
Aksoy who expressed that men consult to the doctor later than women and that this problem is caused by thinking of cosmetics in the second plan told that men consult to the doctor when their varicosis becomes very distinct or when color changes in their skin happens.  
Prof. Dr. Aksoy listed the ones to be done in order to prevent varicosis as below:  
-Don’t remain motionless whether you sit for a long time or you stand up
-Don’t sit cross legged for a long time 
 -Don’t lift heavy weights. 
     -Drink plenty of water and don’t eat fast food 
     - Be careful not to put on weight. 
     -Use varicosis socks. 
     -Don’t use high heel shoes. 
     -Don’t wear too tight pants. 
     -Don’t bathe with excessively hot water. 
     -Walk more and do sports. 
     -Instead of sports such as football, volleyball and basketball which will make you do sudden moves; prefer sports such as walking, running and swimming. 
     -How the treatment is done-- 
     Aksoy stated that in the treatment of varicosis first it is examined whether there is insufficiency in veins and if it is its level is determined.   
     Aksoy who told that the blood flow in veins at the legs should be one way from the legs to the heart and that there are a few mechanisms maintaining this said the ones below:
     ``One of them is the negative pressure inside our chest and the other is straining of the muscles in our legs and squeezing the veins and pumping the blood upwards.  We call this ‘leg muscle pump’.  80% of the muscle pump in legs is formed by calf muscles and 20% by thigh muscles.  Here the most active mechanism is operated over the calf muscles.  While walking or moving the veins are squeezed by muscle strains and the blood is pumped upwards.  But when we stand stable on our legs or when we sit down, blood has a tendency to go downwards with the effect of the gravity.  In order to prevent this, there are small valves in front of our veins.  Especially when we begin from under the groin and go towards the feet, the number of these valves increases.  Either one of them, more than one or all of these valves may be ill.  We are evaluating these valves by Doppler ultrasonography and we look for an answer to the question from where to where the back escape of the blood continues which is formed because of valve insufficiency.  When it is insufficient and when it is not, the approach to varicosis differs.  ``

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