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Visitor Rules

For your health and the accompaniment of our other patiients, number of visitors should be at most 2 (two) and the visiting period should bbe short (5-7 minutes preferably).   

- In the view of protecting health of children, children smaller than 12 shouldn’t be brought as visitors. 
-It is undesirable to have a crowd of visitors near the patient in the view of the health of the patient and visitors.
-It is requested not to sit onn the beds and talk loud during the visit.
-No food product should be given to the patient without the permission of the doctor. 
-The privacy of the patient should be respected..
-No unnecessary and insistent visiting demands should be made out of the visiting hours.
-It should be avoided from demoralizing words and acts.

 -It is requested not to bring living flowers or dry flowers in visits.
-It is definitely forbidden to smoke in the closed areas of our hospital.

Visitor Rules in Intensive Care:

-It is expected from visitors to obey intensive care entrance rules during visits.
-Please consult our doctor to receive information about our patient in intensive care.
-It is not accepted the visit of children younger than 12 to intensive care.
-The number of visitors is limited to two persons at most.
-No food-beverages are accepted to intensive care units.
-There is no accompaniment application in our intensive care units.

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